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youngdemocrats's Journal

The Young Democrats of America
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This is a journal for those involved in Politics via the Young Democrats of America association/club. We are a group of organized young persons (14-35) who help in campaigning, offer endorsements and make campaign donations, and get together to discuss politics on a semi-regular basis. It's purpose is to bring YDs together to talk about their campaigns and share stories. This community is also for former YDs who want to join.

While the club is a national organization, this group is in no way directly affilitated with the organization. The moderator is not an official anywhere in the Young Democrats club, she is simply a member of the YD organization and wishes to meet others like her.

What will this community consist of? Discussion and debate, most likely. It is whatever we make of it. It is a place to make connections in cities all over the country, and to network to further political careers. It is not a place to flame or attack Democrats; there are other communities where you can post those sorts of things. This place is for the future of the Democratic Party: The Young Democrats of today.